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The Rochester and District Soccer League (RDSL) is an adult amateur soccer league for the Rochester area.  The league is comprised of over ninety men's and women's teams from around the Rochester and surrounding area.  Teams participate from as far South and East as Bristol Valley, Newark and North Rose, and to the Western side of Rochester with teams from Brockport, Ogden and beyond.

The RDSL is the oldest continuous soccer league in the United States and has been in existence since 1913.  Three of the league's most prominent personalities in the 70's and 80's have been enshrined in the United States Soccer Hall of Fame.  Dan and Peg Fowler were inducted into the Hall of Fame in the late 1980's for their contributions to soccer in Rochester and Upstate New York.  They are the only husband and wife pair inducted into the Hall of Fame.  Reinhold Spath, Referee and Administrator for 48 years (and counting) was inducted in 1997 and is the only referee from Western New York to be so honored.

In 2008, Brian Alexander, Past-President and Past-Registrar, was inducted into the United States Adult Soccer Association Hall of Fame for his work to promote and expand adult soccer in Western New York. In 2012, Arman Capan, Past President, was also inducted into the United States Adult Soccer Association Hall of Fame.

The RDSL is currently the largest and most organized amateur league in Upstate New York. The RDSL Premier Division is one of eleven leagues in the United States that have been recognized as  Elite Amateur Leagues. The competitive level of the league has been and continues to be very strong.  This was evident in 1996 when Team Lapine, from the RDSL Premier League, went to the finals of the United States Amateur Cup.  Team Lapine lost to the Denver Kickers on penalty kicks in the final.  Although they did not win the game, they had already beaten teams representing several other regions and states.  In 1963 the Italian Americans represented the RDSL in the Amateur Cup and won.

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